Penis Tattoos – Weighing in on the Pros and Cons

Penis Tattoos – Weighing in on the Pros and Cons

Milking Technique- Start this exercise by either taking a warm shower or putting a warm wet towel over the penis. You have to be sure that your both hands and penile area are well lubricated. Stroke the penis until it becomes semi erect. Encircle the base of the shaft using your thumb and forefinger while gripping it tightly. Retaining the firm grip, firmly slide your hands up until it reaches the head. Continue the process with the other hand.

It actually requires nothing. However, the levels of pleasure that you are able to produce are directly correlated to the strength of your vaginal muscles. If you have weak or even average strength vaginal muscles, your ability to please him in this way will at best be average. However, if you develop your vaginal muscles to make them exceptionally strong, you'll have him at your knees night after night begging you to make lover to him!

When we can drop the crap collected from growing up, perform a reality check and take a good long look in the mirror there is usually a very beautiful soul staring back at us. Look into your eyes, be still, just allow yourself to look back. After time you will connect with that beautiful soft and vulnerable part of you which is perfect in every way. Have some appreciation for who is staring back at you. Learn to love yourself. This same exercise can be performed in the bedroom, appreciating and getting to know and love your own vulva. Its shape, its smell, its feel.

Whether giving or receiving oral sex, both have to be comfortable. This will not be possible if either one of you has certain strong smell. It will be good if your man cleans himself first. Better if both have a sexy bath or shower together.

At this point – you will have seen one or both of these unmistakable signs of cheating. What now? That is not an easy question to answer. Do you confront him or her? Do you move out? How do you, yourself, recover from this devastating revelation? A lot depends on whether you are married to that person versus just dating, whether you have children together, how long you’ve been together, etc.

Make sure you wash your vagina very gently. Discontinue the use of feminine cleansing products as the harsh ingredients could alter the pH level of your vagina. The infected area should be cleansed with clean warm water and then gently dried.